Monday, March 12, 2007

Homemade White Chocolate Nut Butter

6 oz. macadamia nuts
2 oz. almonds
1 oz. pecans
3 oz. highest quality all-natural white chocolate
1 Tbs. coarse kosher salt
1 tsp. toasted hazelnut, macadamia or almond oil.

Break up white chocolate into chunks and put in a food processor.
Combine all nuts in a dry skillet and toast over high heat until golden brown and fragrent.
Transfer nuts to the food processor while still hot.
Sprinkle in the kosher salt & drizzle with oil.
Pulse until mostly smooth, with small chunks.

My two cents:
I was reading one of my many cooking mags yesterday and the author was raving about the White Chocolate Blueberry Peanut Spread from the restaurant Spread in California. I took a look at their website and figured it wouldn't be that difficult to make nut butters at home in the food processor. The key to this is making it with the best white chocolate you can possibly find. I love Green & Black's Organic White for this. It's not overly sweet, is completely natural, fair-trade, and tastes great - plus you can see flecks of vanilla and cocoa beans in it. This spread is so delicious. I like it spread on warm Lavash (a square flatbread that many people use for wraps - like a cross between a bread and a flour tortilla). It is creamy, salty, buttery, and just a little sweet - and SO simple to make!!! This is one you've gotta try! It would also be yummy made with dark chocolate, or a different combo of nuts. It does harden in the fridge (where I recommend you store it). Just zap it in the microwave for 20-30 sec to soften it up.

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