Sunday, April 20, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

I love simple but perfect food.

Case in point. A perfectly cooked poached egg with truffle oil and parmesan.

Italian nutella on fresh bread with a chewy crust.

Sidenote: The italian nutella comes in a glass jar only - never plastic, and the label is completely in Italian. It isn't cloyingly sweet like the "American" version and the true taste of hazelnuts shine through. Additionally, this spread has nuances of honey and is thicker with fewer calories. Apparently American taste prefers corn syrup and hydrogenated peanut oil over quality ingredients, or at least that's the opinion of Nutella's distributors. Find this at any good Italian import store (I get it in Providence on Federal Hill).

For that matter. Fresh bread. Period. Maybe a little butter.

Any sort of simple antipasto or tapas. Olives, extra sharp aged white cheddar cheese and artisan peppered salami with a glass of fruit sangria makes a perfect Saturday lunch.

And for dinner, a simple spice rubbed grilled steak with cheesy biscuits and a simple fresh salad of tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper and onion tossed with some italian dressing and parmesan.

After a day of simple pleasures, I'm ready for a killer dessert...

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