Friday, August 15, 2008

Make Your Bowl Smile

Tiramisu has to be one of my favorite desserts. And you all know how obsessed I am with homemade ice cream. So it should come as no surprise that I've been dreaming of a tiramisu ice cream. I've called this a gelato primarily because of it's texture, which is more like a dense flavorful gelato than a completely smooth and airy ice cream. Rich with creamy mascarpone cheese and eggs, scented with marsala, speckled with rum and coffee drenched ladyfingers, this is just like the layered dessert, only better!

Tiramisu Gelato
makes 1 quart

3 cups mascarpone zabaglione, left in the fridge overnight for the flavors to meld and ripen

2 Tbsp dark rum
2 Tbsp sweet marsala wine
1 tsp espresso powder
1 Tbsp sugar
3 Tbsp water

6 crisp ladyfingers

bittersweet chocolate for grating

Pour mascarpone zabaglione into an ice cream maker and freeze according to manufacturer's directions. Meanwhile, mix together rum, wine, espresso powder, sugar and water and stash it in the freezer.

In the last 5 minutes of churning, dunk ladyfingers in chilled rum mixture about 20 seconds per side, then crumble into gelato. Freeze until set, about 2 hours.

Serve topped with grated bittersweet chocolate. Prepare for your dishes to start grinning!

One of the things I love most about this ice cream is the alcohol keeps it from turning as rock hard in the freezer as other homemade ice creams. However, this also means it melts fast, so my apologies for the pictures!


Amber said...

Ha ha, I so need to grow up, but I have never written that yet so it was a double first for me. Okay...hope you had a great trip away, girlfriend time is so necessary. I love tiramisu and I love ice cream so how could you go wrong and making it in the shape of a heart is perfect since you love it also. Your list of 100 foods? Yeah alot of them are not gonna happen. And I think I have that plate. Pier 1? I got other colors also mainly for posting or dinner alone. Welcome back.

Amber said...

Oh no! I may not be first since you need to approve it. Uh oh. The shame.

Mike of Mike's Table said...

My wife absolutely loved tiramisu--I bet I'd score major brownie points if this just showed up in the freezer one day. It looks great!

Amber said...

Hi Miss D, Not yet but if it came by the post office, they will not leave it on my porch so I will check my mail box and head there Monday after work at 3pm. That is the first day I can get there before they close including this week. And the suspense is sort of like a movie. And I am still so excited. Hopefully you included bubble wrap. I love bubble wrap almost as much as presents. I have been getting ideas together. I think I will have a little party when I get it. Little means me an Sophia, but she is game for anything. Look at my posts, am I right about the dish? I love them and couldn't decide on a color so I have 5 colors. I am also doing a table setting luncheon in October which involves other new plates. I will post when it happens because it is pretty cool and I have a great theme. This will be my 10th year. The country side is gorgeous, not like the dairies here, flat, smoggy, dusty, poopy, and they used to put dead cows by the road for pick up, eww. I can't wait to see what you make tomorrow.

Amber said...

Chilies and mushrooms, oooh! Now the brain is busy. Have a great weekend. I will be at work for your grocery shopping pleasure.

Amber said...

I forgot to ask. Do you know how to mix appetizers? I am making 6, no shellfish, and one is a stuffed mushroom. Salty, crunchy, meat, cheese, fruit, vegie, hot, cold? What is the correct mix for contrast and interest? Miss D.? Anyone?

Jaime said...

wow, what a great idea! i love tiramisu too. have you tried the pastry queen's recipe? (i have it in my blog)

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